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About Me

Hello, My name is Brandon Cleek and meditation and yoga is a journey I’ve undertaken for most of my life.

My practice began like many others, on video (VHS to be specific!) in my living room. I was about five years old hanging out with my mom and doing the latest fad. For whatever reason, I continued it because I remember loving to come home from kindergarten and catching Wei Lana doing yoga poses on a mountaintop. Shoutout to PBS who are still running episodes 25 years later! Meditation became a staple in my practice when I began Martial Arts and learned traditional methods, which I expanded upon and created my own styles still in use by me to this day.


Stay tuned for more info on getaway retreats and clinics near you!

Check out authenticmovements.com for my teachers’ offerings through their school. I’ll be guest teaching at their Creative Sequencing Intensive in Marshall, NC April 24th to 28th.

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