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About Me

Hello, my name is Brandon Cleek.

Meditation and yoga is a journey I’ve undertaken for most of my life. My practice began like many others, on video (VHS to be specific!) in my living room. I was about five years old hanging out with my mom and doing the latest fad. For whatever reason, I continued it because I remember loving to come home from kindergarten and catching Wei Lana doing yoga poses on a mountaintop. Shoutout to PBS who are still running episodes 25 years later! Meditation became a staple in my practice when I began Martial Arts and learned traditional methods, which I expanded upon and created my own styles still in use by me to this day. I continued my meditation and movement practices throughout life; often coming back to deep, intensive yoga and internal work at my most difficult moments.

In 2012, I pursued my 200hr teacher training certificate through Corepower, along with with my Yoga Sculpt certification directly after. In 2019 I become certified as an E-RYT 500hr teacher thanks to Authentic Movement’s teacher training program. I am now a full time yoga instructor offering lessons in studio and personal sessions.

I have also assisted in running yoga and meditation programs for all levels and curriculum specific populations including inmates, officers, adolescents, wheelchair users, elderly.