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Why Yoga?

The written history of Yoga dates back to the Yoga Sutras written by Patanjali around the years 100 to 400 CE, but the oral history is considered to have been passed on for much longer, as we have evidence of people practicing postures on tablets from the Indus River Valley civilization dating back between 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE.

The point is that people have been searching for practices that allow them to connect to the life they lead for a long time. Yoga has the benefit of being accessible to all. Did you know that most of the postures we practice today only became part of the modern teachings around 150 years ago? Many of these more advanced postures came from a cultural mixing of European and Indian teachings with a growing focus on the physical exercise when the practice came to the US. The part of the practice that has stuck around the longest is a fulfilling connection to yourself and your world. When the practice is tailored to you by a skilled professional the physical benefits can include help with the following conditions:

I have a passion for sharing my findings which have helped me so much over the many years that I've practiced. Yoga is a supplement for everything you already love to do. Find out with me why Yoga is right for you.